am 19.02.2024 - 13:54 Uhr

IT security in building automation - What contribution does BACnet make?

Both from an economic and a legal perspective, there are high demands placed on IT security for building management. The legal requirements, risks, and opportunities have changed significantly. This article examines the role that BACnet plays in this context.

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am 19.12.2023 - 08:49 Uhr

ICONAG in the "Energy Management Software Compendium 2023,"

created by "Der Facility Manager" with support from the Energy Working Group of the GEFMA, aims to facilitate the search for the appropriate solution.

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am 22.11.2023 - 09:23 Uhr

Outages in the data center – a common occurrence?

Without monitoring in the data center, there is no security and high availability.

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am 13.11.2023 - 11:25 Uhr

Law and common sense - IT security and availability in building automation for data centers.

From both an economic and legal perspective, high-availability data centers have requirements for IT security that also affect building automation. But who knows which ones?

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am 23.10.2023 - 08:28 Uhr

Best Practice: Prüm Türenwerk and ICONAG Leittechnik

Fire alarm monitoring and alarm – everything under control in the medium-sized industrial company

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