B-CON OWS/BMS – all applications in one system

Expansions, existing systems, or new construction: B-CON lets you aggregate all applications and building automation systems from a great diversity of vendors in the single manufacturer-neutral operator workstation (OWS, also building management system or BMS).

This ensures unified access to all functions and information from applications like lighting, heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, Hi Gene, the side, electrical supply, media supply, as well as systems for special tasks such as access control and fire or smoke alarm systems.

The B-CON standard already supports all management functions specified in ISO 16484 and VDI 3814, as well as display and control functions and operating concepts. In particular the powerful functions of the B-CON energy management system that come as part of the operator workstation contribute to making operations more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly.

One strength of B-CON is the data management across all of the applications within a building management system. This makes all building functions available at the management level for a wide variety of management tasks, such as display, operation, and data logging. B-CON offers interfaces to virtually all building automation systems.

Aus diesen Gründen ist B-CON eine ideale MBE als Management- und Bedieneinrichtung, insbesondere auch in größeren und über mehrere Liegenschaften verteilten Gebäudeautomationsprojekten.

Display and control functions – the B-CON visualization editor

Event and alarm management

The visualization of technical functions and operating conditions is a key element in building management systems that simplifies system operations and prevents operator errors. In the visualization of your building systems, you will benefit in particular from the following B-CON functions:

  • Quick visualization data points in a tree structure for display and control
  • Comprehensive single letter is for visualization of systems like lighting, shading, single-room control, ventilation, heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration systems, burglar alarms, fire alarms, central locking systems, swimming pool technology, video surveillance, and many more.
  • Direct visualization of input and output modules in HTML5
  • Graphic logic editor for wiring in cabinet logic
  • Freely configurable dialog structure without page number limits
  • Support of any screen resolution for flexible set-up of touch panels, notebooks, desktops, or mobile applications

»I've been using B-CON for long time and I'm very happy with ICONAG. B-CON is a highly flexible tool for creating visualizations and can also handle control tasks for you. Ability to variably design functions, visualizations, and projects. A key advantage is ICONAG's flexibility and quick support if you have problems with the product or a project.«

Klaus-Kord Branding, Mies + Reichelt GmbH, Bielefeld, Germany

Any B-CON project can be expanded easily to make all relevant functions available on a on a wide variety of mobile end-user devices. Facility technicians receive and process alarms and fault messages while on the go and may modify system parameters on their smartphone, tablet, or notebook.

We have collected the most important B-CON functions for you in a brochure. You may download it here.

B-CON gives you access to functions and information no matter where you are. At the desktop PC, on the touch panel for system or room control, or on mobile end devices such as tablets or smartphones: B-CON supports your facility management processes and seamlessly integrates into your IT and process environment.

By default, the B-CON OWS server supports the following operating concepts after installation:

  • Operation directly at the server
  • Client installation for operator stations
  • Operation via web browser (pure HTML5, no plug-in installation required)
  • Operation of the room automation via tablet or smartphone
  • Operation of the room automation from the desktop PC's Windows taskbar via the tray tool

B-CON also sets the standard in IT security and supports comprehensive requirements for access security and data encryption.

»Unser erstes Projekt mit B-CON haben wir 2002 realisiert und schnell die vielen Vorteile der Software erkannt. Wir arbeiten und errichten sehr gern mit B-CON. B-CON punktet durch seine starke Logik dank des Editors, seine Kompatibilität mit Windows und sehr vielen Schnittstellen. Die jahrelange Zusammenarbeit mit der ICONAG-Leittechnik ist schon lange mehr als eine einfache Geschäftsbeziehung. Wir schätzen den tollen Support und das freundschaftliche Verhältnis sehr und hoffen auf viele weitere gemeinsame Projekte!«

Herr Alexander Großmann, Geschäftsführer bei SYS.TEC Gebäudeautomation GmbH & Co. KG


Mit B-CON wird die Handhabung der Funktionen aus unterschiedlichsten Gebäudeautomationssystemen zum Kinderspiel. Unmittelbar nachdem Sie die Datenpunkte importiert bzw. ausgelesen haben, stehen Ihnen alle Datenpunkte und deren Funktionen in der B-CON Objektliste zur Verfügung. Damit arbeiten Sie unabhängig von einem Fabrikat oder Herstellerprotokoll.

»We are very satisfied with B-CON as a product, in particular because B-CON allows us to use the functions of the underlying programming language LabVIEW by National Instruments. We really like the ability to aggregate divers bus systems in one visualization system, as well as the project-specific support by ICONAG. Our customers appreciate the stable operation of the B-CON projects implemented by us.«

Michael Oder, D-I-E Elektro AG, Jena, Germany

Powerful timer functions are among the most important management functions for effective building operation, because they ensure that all the functions operate in the right place and at the right time. With B-CON, your facility management benefits from

  • Timer programs across applications and systems
  • Any number of switching cycles per daily or weekly program
  • Calendar function for exception programming (e.g. public holidays or seasonal breaks)
  • Intuitive input interfaces, such as the schedule module for easy representation of room and system utilization plans
  • Automated synchronization of stored programs on all operator stations.

Sie wollen mehr über die Vorteile erfahren, die Ihnen B-CON als herstellerneutrale MBE – Management und Bedieneinrichtung bietet. Dann zögern Sie nicht, uns anzufragen und weitere Informationen oder ein Beratungsgespräch anzufordern.

»We really like B-CON as a product. Quick response in case of questions or problems. Competent consulting and great suggestions for solutions! ICONAG is always up to date! We appreciate the flexibility and our friendly contacts!«

Sylvio Unger, Bauer Elektroanlagen, Halle, Germany


B-CON Management functions create transparency, e.g. with regard to events, alarms, or system conditions, and they support all recurring tasks in building operation.

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