Planning support

Effective planning and tendering processes for smarter buildings

Our goal is to make the buildings of this world a little smarter, together with you: improving the energy footprint and efficiency of operation, increasing ease of use. We're looking forward to supporting engineering firms and technical planners, for example by

Support during the design stage

The technical equipment of buildings is becoming increasingly complex. With their numerous options for integration and networking, building automation and building management technology in particular require decision-making based on trend estimates that have a lasting impact on reliability and cost effectiveness.

As a facility operator, engineering firm, or planner, you may benefit as follows from cooperation with ICONAG during the preparation and design stage:

  • Functional approach with experience from the planning and implementation of hundreds of international projects
  • Manufacturer-neutral approach across applications
  • Comprehensive experience with the integration of all applications
  • In-depth familiarity with all technologies in the fields of building management, energy management, and technical facility management
  • Solution-oriented consulting support in consideration of your goals
  • Expertise from working on guidelines and standards for building automation
  • Large network of experts in the market

Support during the tendering process

For the realization of buildings that require the use of state-of-the-art technologies as a basis for efficient facility management, the tendering stage is frequently especially difficult.

During the tendering process of smart functional buildings, energy management systems (EnMS), or premium home applications, you may benefit from:

  • More than 20 years of experience supporting planning and tendering processes for manufacturer-neutral operator workstations (building management systems and visualization).
  • Tendering processes for open, scalable system solutions
  • Provision of tender documents, adaptation to the requirements of your project
  • Tender documents in accordance with the common arrangement of work sections for construction projects, building automation
  • Experience in the drafting of BACnet specification documents for documenting your standards and ensuring the future-proof planning, implementation, and operation of your building automation
  • Proven integration concepts across all applications

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