Holistic Energy Management System (EMS)

B-CON energy management (EnMS)

B-CON Energy Management is your tool as the responsible energy manager at the respective location or headquarters. With its powerful modules for technical monitoring of energy consumption-relevant data, information and conditions in the building, B-CON perfectly supports you in setting up and operating your energy management system according to ISO 50001.

Here, too, the interaction between the energy data acquisition system and B-CON works perfectly: meter values and operating data are transferred and acquired in no time at all, regardless of whether they are provided via open protocols such as M-Bus, Modbus, BACnet, KNX, OPC, and many more, or via your energy supplier using MSCONS.

The B-CON energy management is easily operated via web browser. You benefit directly from the extensive B-CON energy management functions.


Thanks to the interface diversity of the B-CON energy management system, the integration of different energy data recording devices and readout systems functions easily and seamlessly: Meter readings and operating data can be recorded in no time at all, regardless of whether they are provided via open protocols such as M-Bus, Modbus, BACnet, KNX, OPC, etc., or by your energy provider via MSCONS. The B-CON measurement point management enables the creation of virtual measurement points, its measurement values, and a simple mathematical editor. The B-CON measurement data recording enables easy manual recording of measurement data on the PC or mobile end-user devices.

Measurement point management

You create the consumption meters via the meter value management and form your meter matrix, i.e. the hierarchy of the meters in your properties. In doing so, you can integrate the meters of all trades, such as electricity, heat, gas, water, wastewater, etc. With the help of an intuitive formula editor, you can create virtual metering points or calculate energy performance indicators such as energy consumption per m² of floor space. In case certain limits should not be exceeded, you can set up automatic notifications via e-mail.

  • Capturing of measurements from all connected automation and consumption meter systems
  • Inclusion of all information relevant to energy management
  • High-performance formula editor for the formation of virtual measurements
  • Direct calculation of energy consumption indicators, including the unit (e.g. power consumption per square meter)
  • Definition of maximum consumption per time interval with alarm function
  • Organization of measuring points in the hierarchy of your properties
  • Convenient system operation via web browsers (HTML5)

Measurement data recording

TheA large part of your measurement data is provided by remotely readable meters. Existing consumption meters that cannot or cannot yet be read digitally can simply be recorded using manual metering. The easiest way is directly on site with your smartphone.

  • Capturing of the values from all measuring points in your organization remotely (bus systems) or manually
  • Intuitive online recording on a PC via web browser or via mobile devices such as smartphone or tablet
  • Option for offline capturing with interim storage in case of capturing by smartphone or tablet
  • Documentation and storage of captured measurement values compliant with standards
  • Convenient system operation via web browsers (HTML5)

The Environmental Campus of Birkenfeld, a location of the University of Applied Sciences Trier, is the only "Zero-Emission Campus" in Europe. We have compiled here, how the technical building management is supported in this respect here.

Energy reporting

Liegenschaftsverwaltung Energie Management System EnMS

With just a few clicks, you can create and save reports on various measured values and individual, weather-adjusted energy reports. An automatic report dispatch by e-mail supports the energy controlling. The possibility to link the measurement data with the plant visualization supports controlling and acting within the framework of an efficient energy management:

  • Weather compensation for reports
  • Diverse display options in diagrams
  • Easy, direct report creation in Excel or PDF
  • Management of reports in a public, user-specific report archive
  • Automated sending of reports
  • Convenient system operation via web browsers (HTML5)

We have collected the most important information about the ICONAG energy management system (EnMS) for your in our brochure on solutions for energy monitoring and management. The brochure is available for free download here.

Cost center allocation

The allocation of energy consumption data to the appropriate cost centers and buildings is part of the costing process in a business. Cost center allocation can be run independently as a B-CON function module, or licensed as an expansion module for an energy management system (EnMS). As a user of the ICONAG cost center allocation, you especially benefit from:

  • Aggregation of all consumption data from different reading systems with M-Bus, ModBus, BACnet, KNX, etc.
  • Consumer-specific allocation of consumption data, including the use of different distribution keys
  • Central data storage, provision to other applications via standardized interfaces
  • Processing in spreadsheets and graphics that can be integrated directly into presentations
  • Individualized energy reports
  • Automated distribution of energy reports via e-mail

We have collected the key functions of B-CON cost center allocation in a data sheet. It is available for download here.

other B-CON functions for better efficiency in technical facility management

The B-CON software offers other valuable functions for efficient building operation using manufacturer-neutral technologies. Learn more about the following functions:

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