About us

"make buildings smarter"

This is the best way to describe the mission and history of ICONAG in one short phrase. Since our founding in 1996, our goal is to simplify the management of buildings in an increasingly complex technological environment while reducing energy consumption. Of course, this requires that all technical functions and the information from all types of applications are collected in a single management system.

All applications in one system – an enormous task in 1996

Our goals were quite idealistic, as promoting a more responsible use of energy was not much of a topic in the real world. It quickly became apparent that collecting all of the applications in a single system was an enormous task. The young saplings EIB (which became KNX) and LON developed only slowly in the 1990. The classic vendors of HVAC controllers kept their systems closed. BACnet wasn't on the scene yet. Things were looking pretty bleak.

David vs. Goliath

We understood that the pressure for the established controller providers to open up their systems needed to come from the patrons' side. The technology already existed after all. This is why we started pushing for open standards in building technology at all levels – in associations, user organizations, at universities and conventions. In the meantime, we scored points with user-friendly system operation, powerful facility management functions, and networking between distributed properties. As early as the year 2000, more than 500 customers were already relying on B-CON. Since that time B-CON is renowned for its performance networking power, and lot least system stability.

And yet it moves – we owe our thanks to Blackberry and iPhone

2001 was a special year for us. That year, we introduced the first B-CON as a web visualization to the market. With the first Blackberry smartphones, executives realized the enormous potential in remote working. The same was true for buildings. We introduced the first B-CON expansions for smartphones. Thanks to the iPhone, we had a breakthrough with regard to networking in 2007. Our B-CON applets for smartphones, tablets, and notebooks made technological facility management tangible and helped to visualize the benefits of our networking concepts.

Energy management – a matter close to our heart becomes the standard

All in all, it took over 15 years since ICONAG's founding until energy management and building operations became recognized at the European level with the DIN EN ISO 50001 standard. The ICONAG Energy Management System (EnMS) was our answer. Since then, any company is able to aggregate consumption meters of a wide variety of systems and initiate a process for the continuous optimization of its energy consumption.

Are you ready to make your building „smarter“?

It doesn't matter if you're a builder, planner, or systems engineer: The B-CON functions described below are the result of many years of struggle for better efficiency in facility management. We would be pleased if you would implement your “smart building” with our software. You will benefit from 20 years of experience, effective functions, high system stability, and not least the security of investment that comes with the purchase of a standard system with many thousands of successful applications.

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