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B-CON TGM portal – technical facility management for distributed sites

A single portal for technical facility management of all of your distributed sites and buildings. The B-CON TGM portal integrates a wide variety of building automation systems. This enables you to use your already installed automation systems, meters, and building management system (BMS).

With the B-CON TGM portal, you may network all your properties intelligently and securely and manage the technical infrastructure of all with a single user interface and unified management functions.

Thanks to the use of standards from IT environments and the support of interfaces with virtually all systems of building automation, the B-CON TGM portal is the optimal solution for most requirements with regard to the integration of existing systems, as well as quick and reliable networking across sites.


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Central functions for alarm, energy, and trend management




With the B-CON TGM portal, you will leave the era of different control computers for different building automation systems behind. The diverse interfaces can be used to integrate all of the key functions and information, thereby making them accessible for fundamental functions of technical facility management. You benefit from:

  • Unified user interfaces with an overview of all the relevant technical information from your properties
  • Centralized alarm and give an management in unified processes for handling, forwarding, and documentation of alarm messages
  • Central energy management for early detection of waste and centralized creation of energy benchmarks and energy reports
  • Centralized trend management for analysis of functions in your properties

»With ICONAG, we succeeded in aggregating the systems for refrigeration, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, fault message monitoring, and consumption monitoring for most of our grocery stores in Europe in a single management system and enable centralized control.

With the help of ICONAG, we have succeeded in combining the refrigeration, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, fault monitoring and consumption recording systems for most of our grocery stores in Europe region in one management system and enable centralized control.«

Hubertus Krieger, Project Engineer, Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) of the US forces in Europe



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Integration of your existing systems via the B-CON TGM portal



The diversity of building automation systems and the attendant diversity of control systems in each individual property and building are a significant obstacle for improving management efficiency across distributed sites. The B-CON TGM portal allows you to aggregate the information on functions of most proprietary automation systems in one system. Central facility and energy management functions enable you to operate your properties more efficiently and more reliably.

You benefit from:

  • Integration of existing building technology via display and control standards adopted from information technology
  • Access to control panels of individual systems, such as heat or cold generation and distribution
  • Integration of all systems for reading meters and monitoring operating conditions
  • Integration of information and functions in properties at the data point or object level via all open standard systems, such as BACnet, ModBus, KNX, or OPC

The B-CON TGM portal also sets the standard in IT security and supports comprehensive requirements for access security and data encryption.

»I like the cooperation with ICONAG especially because of the high flexibility and spontaneity. I always get quick and straightforward help and suggestions for solutions to my problems!«

Markus Felsing, Deputy head of the building management department, association community of Montabaur

Easy and reliable networking of distributed sites



Your properties are unconnected or only partially connected via an IT network? No problem! The B-CON TGM portal has an optional on-board networking solution that supports all communication media, such as LTE or DSL. The B-CON security concept will find the approval of your IT administrator. A central security server on your network conveniently manages all rights and permissions. Your employees, service staff, or third-party Facility management service providers Log on to the B-CON TGM portal using secure methods such as security sticks or mobile TAN. Their access is restricted according to your specifications.

You benefit from:

  • Secure networking across all your sites using existing networks, LTE, or DSL
  • Central and secure access rights management
  • Access to the system using any internet browser on any end user device
  • Secure authentication, for example using a mobile TAN or security stick

B-CON also sets the standard in IT security and supports comprehensive requirements for access security and data encryption.


Request access data to our demo system here.

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