B-CON Software

The B-CON software allows you to aggregate the technical functions of all applications in a building in one system. B-CON enables the easy creation of manufacturer-neutral operator workstations/building management system, overall energy management systems, as well as systems for technical management of distributed sites.

B-CON OWS/BMS – non-proprietary operator workstation

All applications on one system – our B-CON software is the first choice for technical facility management when it comes to aggregating the technical functions of a wide variety of technical building systems from different manufacturers in a single manufacturer-neutral building management system (BMS).

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B-CON EnMS – the energy management system

B-CON helps you configure an ISO 50001 energy management system with powerful functions for technical monitoring of energy-related data, information and conditions in the building.

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B-CON TGM portal – networking and technical facility management for distributed sites

Every property portfolio has numerous automation and building management systems (BMS), as well as systems for recording energy consumption. The B-CON TGM portal centralizes all important information functions and technical facility management, such as energy management, alarm and event management, and trend management. All functions are aggregated in a unified and intuitive portal environment. Existing OWS/BMS systems, as well as operating and monitoring devices from a wide variety of manufacturers are integrated so that you may enjoy the benefits of central technical facility management as quickly as possible.

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Innovations from ICONAG have received numerous awards, including

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