Building management

Buildings primarily need to „function“. They also need to operate at low cost and low energy consumption. Our B-CON software offers this on a daily basis by acting as the operator workstation (OWS/BMS) for thousands of projects with a wide variety of requirements. You benefit from countless functions for more effective building management, lots of experience, and our passion for making buildings smarter.

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Energy management

Investment in energy-saving technologies often pay off in a very short time. This makes transparency with regard to the main energy consumers all the more important for building operators. The B-CON energy management system aggregates all consumption meters on a single system in the easiest possible way, thereby laying the foundation for a more effective energy management.

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Facility nanagement

Operators of a portfolio of buildings usually have to handle a wide variety of automation systems of different generations. B-CON site networking centralizes the key operating and management functions and enables more efficient building operations.

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Innovations from ICONAG have received numerous awards, including

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