B-CON Basic Knowledge seminar

The B-CON Basic Knowledge qualification seminar takes two days and provides the know-how necessary for the quick and effective use of B-CON tools in two modules. The training is designed so that only basic PC skills are required for attending. After a general introduction to B-CON, you will get into the configuration process on day one.

  • Design and planning of B-CON systems with the aid of a B-CON topology
  • Introduction to communication between B-CON and OPC server
  • Overview of available OPC interfaces and their connection
  • Use of B-CON additional modules and the new B-CON BACnet system library
  • Presentation of web applications for iPhone and iPad
  • Creation of a new B-CON project and introduction to the B-CON system controller
  • Configuration of an OPC server (KNX) and transfer of data into B-CON, as well as intuitive handling of OPC variables
  • Configuration of B-CON programming modules
  • Use of the individual B-CON program modules (permission assignment, alarm handler, energy manager, message handler, history, timer)
  • Handling of B-CON tools and explanation of the B-CON environment